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so i got some bad new today, and well my grandmother basically kicked me out because i called the cops on her son  for physically assaulting me for a second time, im fairly sure im in the right here?? if a man hits women, you call the police, right??? well not to my grandmother.
i'll be moving to Lancaster tomorrow, no internet, no job (now) and forget my classes. its kinda ironic how hard i worked to get myself on track and life hits me hard once again, well more like my family's problems do....they always fuck me over, my family i mean, i think i've moved a total of 5 times in 2014 beause of them, i wonder how many time this year.

well say la vie, im not angry, or sad? im kinda happy but annoyed at the same time. im not telling you to feel sorry for me, im just kinda venting my annoyance at this point, my family as a whole is utter SHIT and full of FUCKEN ASSHOLES that shouldn't populate the earth really but what can i do. these are the cards i was dealt, this is what i have to live with...

:,) actually i havnt has a stable home--- like ever, so i guess thats why im like whatever?? cuz im use to it?? yeah...poor little noodles kicked out and unwanted once again, whatever, i'll just become even more numb to these fucken assholes who call them self family. well all that annoyance aside i hope i get internet soon, so i wont be so lonley... ill miss you guys, i love ya'll and if your going throw the same thing, stay strong, and never stop.

this account is officially on a long hiatus once again....

bye bye :heart:


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