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November 20, 2013
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Ref Avi by askTheHUwoman Ref Avi by askTheHUwoman
:iconrunnyperson: Gave him to me :heart: || Original look here :

Avi Fluffcott

:bulletblue:Title: Cotten Candy Prince, CCP
:bulletpink:Age: 20
:bulletblue:Race: Half Candy-Half plant
:bulletpink:species: Cotton candy and Carnivorous plant
:bulletblue:Gender: male
:bulletpink:Status: engaged to pimery
:bulletblue:height: 6"5
:bulletpink:body type: thin/slender 
:bulletblue:location: Cottan candy kingdom
:bulletpink:Sidekick: --
:bulletblue:Power: --
:bulletpink:special ability: Can sing like a bird
:bulletblue:Weapon: neck mouth
:bulletpink:likes: Music, painting, His band mates, pastel colors, Gothic fashion, his guitar, people with nice teeth, bugs, comic books, sleeping, eating other candy people
:bulletblue:dislikes: Heat, GIRLS, vampires, adventuring, cooties (people touching him), his neck mouth, the fact hes not 100% candy...he hates being part plant.

:bulletpink: singing/Voice claim:…
:bulletblue: Good or Evil?: Good, wouldn't harm a fly.

Avi has split personality, one minute hes a nervous confused mess, the next hes this confident yet chill dude. He can only alter between nervous and unsure or confident and easy going, it takes alot to get on his bad side, if he even has one. he tends to act paranoid alot around people, looking over his shoulder alot, he's always worrying something awful is going to happen at any given time. Hes HIGHLY awkward socially, and sweats alot when under alot of pressure, such as being in large crowds, asked to do something independently, sharing his music with other, being picked on ETC...

-The mouth on his neck feeds on live candy people or insects
-he tends to feed it his hair since its living candy, don't be surprised if you see him with less hair
-His neck mouth can speak--his name is feui
-the mouth on his neck tends to say the things hes actually thinking aloud 
-hides his eyes to avoid eye contact, is blind in left eye dude to accident as a child.
-his hair flavor is lime apple-strawberry cherry-blueberry blast
-he writes and plays His own songs
-Hides he's a prince from his band..well tries to.

:bulletblue: BandMates:</small>

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