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October 31, 2013
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Ref Odilea by askTheHUwoman Ref Odilea by askTheHUwoman

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:bulletblack:Age: 22
:bulletblack:Height: 5"7
:bulletblack:Body type: Slender & Athletic
:bulletblack:Gender: pen [Female]
:bulletblack:Race: Cajun & french
:bulletblack:Swan Type: Black swan
:bulletblack:Status: crushing on
:bulletblack:Occupation: dancer & Castle service helper
:bulletblack:Family members: mother; Madame Bedelia.
:bulletblack:Likes: Her mama's cooking, WINNING, red clothing, fashion,DANCING, being the best at EVERYTHING, cute things, Bike rides in the forest, swimming, working on a farm, seeking out to the swamp lands, candy kingdom
:bulletblack:Dislikes: COLETTE, spicy food, molting, ugly shoes, low class and high class, labels, white swans, anything white really, cars, loud noises, not being first at everything, failing, laziness, hot heads, kids

:bulletblack:Voice Claim: 1:23- 1:33…
:bulletblack:Good or Evil?: Good, just pissy.

Extra info:
:bulletblack: Odilea knows fluent french
:bulletblack: She has little to no Cajun accent, Unless angered or flustered
:bulletblack: Hates being second place or anything less then first
:bulletblack: sometimes she helps her mom around the castle. trys to stay out of sight 
:bulletblack: Has a grudge against colette 
:bulletblack: Odilea's lived for a long time in the castle thanks to her mom, but has only meet colette a couple times
:bulletblack: Very VERY competitive. she will over work her self, to the point of sickness, if only to win
:bulletblack: can dance ballet, cajun jig, cajun waltz, and her two favs ;Kathak (Hindi: कथक) and Kuchipudi (Telugu: కూచిపూడి) 

:bulletblack:Personality: Odilea is an extremist in emotions and tends to over exaggerate what shes feeling at the time. A hardworking , overachiever, Self centered girl with VERY high exceptions of herself.she strives to be at the top, no matter what . Sarcastic comments are her trade mark along with  stubbornness, straightforward judgement, and the whole 'telling it like it is' thing. She feels like she has to be the best or everyone will look down at her, the fact racism use to be a big part of the kingdom doesnt help her fears nor your winners complex. Because of it shes even grown a bad taste for white swans and other white feathers [including black neck swans]. Though She good at wearing her 'classy--lady like' mask around white swans, she still comes off as a snooty brat who thinks shes better then everyone else. If pushed to her breaking point, Odilea is not afraid  to snap, honk, scratch or hiss. Even so odilea has her moments, and can be easily connectable or kind to other black swans.

:bulletblack:Back Story:

Odilea grew up in the shadows of the royal castle,mostly in the servants living area. The daughter of the castles head maid, Bedelia; being the daughter of a important black swan made Odilea's life fairly worry free and easy going, with the addition of a very loving and protective family. Even so Odilea grew to be a very crude strongly opinionated and angry kind of girl, due to her fathers disappearance before her birth. she often feels like a mistake or insignificant swan because of this, she often thinks its because she wasnt born a white swan and developed a strong grudge against her father, who was a white swan, she swore to herself all white swans where nothing but trash (like her father) and black swans where the better of the two, the more deserving of the two.

As a baby flapper, Odilea often could be seen playing in the castles rose garden, or outside the kingdom walls, near the swamp lands. she often hid herself when within the castle walls, always studying at the other swans from the shadows. Once she found some old hidden pathways (or escape routes) through out the castle, she often explore these passages to princess colettes room. she would watch her during her studies and dance lesson throw the walls. Until colette found her own way in to these paths,  Odilea and colette meet and befriended one another. They would often meet in the night for small play dates. After the castle underwent some renovations the pathways where closed and the friendship was forgotten over the years. even so Odliea continued to seek out of the kingdom to swamp lands, where she felt she could be herself.

in her swanlings years, Odileas mother offered her a chance to start taking ballet classes with others her age, she quickly agreed, always holding a love and fascination for dance (especially after watching colette's dancing classes as a flapper). little did she know the class was to be held in the castle along side the princess and other well known white swans. Odilea struggled alot during this time, trying her best to keep clam and do what she loved, her love for dance soon grew to be a winning complex. Always trying to dance over the other white swans, it wasn't enough her dark colored feathers stood out, she wanted all eyes on her and to adore her, as they did the princess. day after day; year after year, Odilea practiced, alone at night into the early hours of the day, when she fell ill, or her feet became covered in blisters, she never stopped pushing herself to be above the rest.

Now a days, Odilea still holds her dancing above all else in her life, she has few to no friends, which she doesn't care for. her mother is all she really needs, and her strong will to achieve. odilea spends her days helping her mother around the castle when staff is short handed, dancing and just playing a 'high classed swan citizen.'
in her down time, she likes to go out to the swamp lands in secret  and just be herself, a mud loving, tree climbing, flower specialist. out in the middle of no where, the only place she feels free to be her own kind of girl.

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