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February 28
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Ref Quintessa by askTheHUwoman Ref Quintessa by askTheHUwoman
:bulletred:Name: Quintessa тень
:bulletorange:Title: Rainbow Drinker, Quin, Queeny, Tessa, Tess
:bulletyellow:Age: 400+
:bulletgreen:Race: Russian
:bulletblue:species: Vampire witch
:bulletpurple:Gender: Female
:bulletpink:Status: {single}
:bulletred:height: 5"8
:bulletorange:body type: Apple shaped
:bulletyellow:location: nightosphere
:bulletgreen:Sidekick: --
:bulletblue:Power:  flower growth spells /transformation into her bat form
:bulletpurple:special ability: Can ONLY drink Vibrant colors--can NOT drink red, black, white or brown
:bulletpink:Weapon: --
:bulletred:likes: casting spells,flowers, Zombies, Creepy stuff, Spiders, death metal Music, bright colors, Gothic + lolita fashion, Shoes, hair clips, chokers, piercings, spikes, steal toe's boots, ripped clothing, teasing people.
:bulletorange:dislikes: the color green, grass people, flower kingdom, rainacorns, other vampires and witches, the fact she can't do any real magic, Daylight, Nightlight, people who ONLY wear black, breaking a nail, anyone who gets on her nerves.

:bulletyellow: singing/Voice claim: ---
:bulletgreen: Good or Evil?: mutual

Queeny isn't one for bullshit, she likes things plane and simple.She straightforward when it comes to things she WANTS, but when it comes to things she NEEDS she tends to clam up. In the eye of the public she a very confident and self aware kind of girl, not afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in, even when shes wrong. she can be a bit head strong at times but just giver a couple of bright colors to suck on--she'll be okay.

-Can only cast spells that help plants grow
-Her bat form is kind of tiny compare to normal size bats (1.1" mm)
-She keeps the bright colors in her hair just in case she gets hungry
-she cant feed at night because of how colors dim at night, she cant eat during the day because the sun will burn her, she usually eats in the late afternoon
-She cant stay in her human form for too long, shes still learning how all that works
-refuses to feed off of anything but flowers, crayons, dead things and very few peaces of clothing

:bulletpink:Back story:
Quintessa was originally a grass witch,in training--she learned  to grow/repair flowers, grass and trees. She was only 15 when she was "turned", foolishly head over heals in love with a vampire boy, she promised him her all in order to become 'his forever'. When she was finally bitten, she realized what a grave mistake she had made. To a shamed of her new body, Queeny left her kingdom and family--she gave up on the boy she once loved--mostly blaming him for her misjudgement and moved out to the nightosphere where she felt she now belonged. 

((dis is poop im tired will fix later))
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