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December 22, 2013
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Ref Rylien by askTheHUwoman Ref Rylien by askTheHUwoman
:iconmisterzei: let me adopt him :heart: || original look here:

Rylien Ada june

:bulletpurple:Age: 18
:bulletpurple:Race:  Amazonian tribal humanoid 
:bulletpurple:species: Jungle Person
:bulletpurple:Gender: male
:bulletpurple:Status: --
:bulletpurple:height: 5"6
:bulletpurple:body type: Top heavy/ slim
:bulletpurple:location: Evil forest
:bulletpurple:Power: Voodoo /black magic
:bulletpurple:special ability: curses and hexes voodoo
:bulletpurple:Weapon: black magic
:bulletpurple:likes: Voodoo, dark magic, bones, spell casting, jungle, animals, odd creatures, carassius, creepy or dead things, Warrior paint, bone chokes, tribal head peaces .
:bulletpurple:dislikes: CLOTHS, wizards,  being fool,when people dont understand what hes saying, white magic, spell limits, vegetables, food related people, doves.

:bulletpurple: singing/Voice claim:…
:bulletpurple: Good or Evil?: 50/50

Rylien's poker face is the toughest thing to read, many find it hard telling just what hes thinking or feeling, if face is usually that of simple lack of interest in anything. Until that is when curiosity strikes this cat, he becomes emerged in all kinds of creepy aura. not much else can be said about this mysterious Tarzan. Other that when he feels his jungle and its animals are threatened, he'll become a unforgiving merciless barbarian.

-  His madden language is  Hadza  , thats why he has a thick accent
- has an elephant horn full of a forbidden magical mixture.
- Hates wizards--he believes they are fake magic users
- when he goes into towns he covers himself in a cloak and mask
- his body markings glow in the dark
- likes to hunt wolf, fox, dog, bird, and snake people
- his hexes are 100% black magic and only cause harm
- collects skulls and bones to later carve out and use as clothing wear
- shoes are for lame-O's 
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